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Arminas Banys
Since 2010, Arminas has served as a trusted advisor to participants in the financial markets, specializing in an array of regulatory and compliance issues. His expertise encompasses the entire business life cycle of a financial institution—from the initial stages of securing the necessary authorizations for regulated activities, to the establishment of comprehensive compliance programs. Arminas excels in transparent reporting and effective liaison with supervisory authorities, ensuring that regulatory obligations are met at all stages. His advisory scope extends to strategies for corporate exit plans and structured winding-up processes, making him an invaluable asset for financial institutions navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance.


Justinas Malinauskas
Senior Consultant​
With an established record of success in the field of financial institution licensing, Justinas excels in all phases of the licensing process, from corporate formation to the meticulous preparation of requisite documentation. His expertise extends to interfacing with regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance and facilitating a seamless approval process. Following the issuance of licenses, Justinas continues to offer unparalleled legal oversight, mitigating risks and safeguarding institutional compliance. His proficiencies are further amplified by a deep-seated understanding of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) protocols, capital market dynamics, investment services, and the insurance sector. His multi-faceted experience makes him an invaluable asset in the complex landscape of financial regulations and compliance.


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