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About Us

Adamano Consulting is a boutique consulting firm focused solely on financial services regulatory and compliance matters. Our team has vast knowledge and experience working with financial institutions, having trained at large full-service law firms prior to joining Adamano Consulting.


Our team has a long history of assisting financial market participants on their business-critical projects. Working with such type of projects, our team has gained expertise covering authorization, compliance, AML / CTF and risk management in all sectors of finance industry, be it a banking, fintech, payments, funds, crowdfunding, consumer credit or other.


Many times in the past, our team stood at the dawn of innovative initiatives that successfully emerged and shaped the financial services market. Always being on the edge of innovation, Adamano Consulting has deep understanding of emerging blockchain / crypto opportunities.

Knowledge of local, European Union and global regulations makes Adamano Consulting perfectly suited to guide the clients through an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Whether you are a major player in the market or a visionary start-up, we will put our best effort and provide a tailored solution to resolve your challenges.


Our clients put a lot of trust into us. Just look into the unique projects we are entrusted with by our clients:

  • Setting up the unique AML/CTF mechanism for crypto exchange aiming to have its business protected from financial crime risks worldwide


  • Creating p2p insurance business model which would change insurance as we know it


  • Assisting innovative UK-based fintech company to obtain electronic money institution license


  • Creating blockchain-based secondary market which would pioneer in its field

We are extremely proud of our past accomplishments as well. In the past, we have:

  • Participated in projects obtaining over 25 licenses permitting clients to engage in a wide range of financial services activities (such as banks, payment services providers, electronic money institutions and management companies)


  • Assisted various management companies in formation of investment funds under UCITS and AIFMD regime

  • Assisted management companies in setting up investment funds and investment companies under the Law on Collective Investment Undertakings Designed for Qualified Investors

  • Advised over 40 financial market participants in the field of AML / CTF

  • Assisted various financial market participants during the investigations carried out by the regulator

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